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Reading is the cornerstone of learning. After a detailed assessment, we identify specific strengths and weaknesses in your child’s reading.

Based on the results of this assessment, we tailor a programme aimed at eliminating impediments and providing a strong, phonetic based foundation for reading.

Our programmes cater for Pre-Reading, Remedial Reading for Primary and High School, and adults seeking Advanced Reading Skills.


Formal Grammar and accurate spelling are the key to your child’s success. We focus on both.

We teach all the skills related to Correct Spelling, Comprehension, Creative and Essay Writing, and Grammar.

In order to emphasise the connection between Reading and Writing, we promote Lateral Thinking and we teach Etymology and Speaking Skills.


It is better to isolate and correct Maths problems, before they affect your child’s interest in the subject. 

We teach Primary School Maths and High School Maths to HSC General.


Denis Duchesne
Denis Duchesne is the principal of Academic Connection. He is an experienced, qualified and dedicated teacher, who specialises in Reading Skills, English and Maths.

This is what he loves to do.

His aim has always been to enable each of his students to achieve their best, academically, regardless of their individual abilities. 

The huge success of Academic Connection over the past 15 years, is proof of the effectiveness of and dedication of our teaching.

Work with Us

At Academic Connection, we are serious about your child’s education.
We offer both Individual and group classes. Our groups do not exceed 5 students.

Each session is individually prepared.
We do not adopt a sausage factory, one-size-fits-all approach.

We provide for the individual needs of our students, and we oscillate between our prepared programmes and the immediate curriculum requirements of each student.