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The Early Reading Programme is a modern version of traditional phonics programs. It teaches the child to develop quick, accurate and context-free word recognition skills.

Phonemic awareness – the interrelated ability of identifying sounds in words, the order and sequence in which they occur and the comparison of words on this basis – is crucial to the beginning stage of our reading instruction.

Providing children with the skill of phonemic awareness enables them to identify grapheme-phoneme (letter-sound) correspondences. This in turn enables them to go on to develop the decoding skills essential to independent word recognition.

The developmental Programme teaches the decoding skills needed to identify words quickly, reliably and independently. It provides systematic and intensive reading experiences that promote automatic word recognition.

Once this skill is mastered, children become free to focus their attention on gaining meaning from written passages.

The emphasis on teaching the child to develop efficient word-attack skills and on the need to blend sounds together to decode unknown words provides the core methodology, but the carefully designed exercises offer  many and varied ways of learning basic reading skills.

The introductory stage of the programme sets the instructional frame-work for what comes later. Beginning readers are provided with a solid foundation in knowing how to apply the sound elements of the spoken language to the graphic representations of the written language. They also develop the rudiments of a basic sight vocabulary.

As well as these two requirements, the child will be expected to develop and display competence in the knowledge of the letters of the alphabet. The child first masters the sounds for the letters of the alphabet and much later the names of the letters. They are taught to understand the difference between vowels and consonants.

The child gains experience with rhyming words, identifying initial and terminating consonants and the embedded vowel sounds.

The next stage develops the ability to decode simple words by blending. The children also recreates simple words using tiles and in writing.

All sessions run for a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of an hour and are conducted in an informal, yet structured manner and parents are encouraged to participate as often as is possible in the learning experience.

Each module runs for ten weeks and children attend once a week individually, or in groups of up to five children.

Children are assessed when they complete each stage of the programme.

Work with Us

At Academic Connection, we are serious about your child’s education. We offer both Individual and group classes, Face-to-Face and on-line learning. Our groups do not exceed 5 students.

Each session is individually prepared. We do not adopt a sausage factory, one-size-fits-all approach.

We provide for the individual needs of our students, and we oscillate between our prepared programmes and the immediate curriculum requirements of each student.

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